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Shipping & Returns
Delivery terms and conditions

Our terms and conditions can be read here:

1. Changes in the details of your Order
If you wish to modify your order, please dial this number: +359(886) 856777 or send us an e-mail to modaflora@abv.bg Take into consideration that any change in your order (delivery address, card message, and others) should be done from 12 to 21 hours the day before the delivery.

When the delivery is for Mondays any change in your order should be done on Saturday from 12 to 14 hours (GT+2), to assure there is enough time to modify the order before it is sent. We cannot always guarantee any modification on time.

Clients are responsible for the information they give when they place the order. If the address is not correct, Theworldflowers is not responsible in case the order could not be delivered.
2. Deliveries

2.1 Addresses
Within normal circumstances, your order will be delivered to the address and requested date, as you filled and specified in the form: Recipient Data. However, sometimes this is not possible due to the information provided, or due to problems our deliverers face when accomplishing the order. That is why, it is very important to assure that the recipient address is accurate, in particular, the street and door number, the zip code and telephone number. If it is possible give special instructions to help our deliverers find difficult addresses.

In the event that the recipient is not at his / her residence, flowers will be left to a responsible person at the delivery address or a note will be left under the door, explaining the availability of the product at our local florist (address and phone number will be left in case the recipient wishes to pick up the flowers). Moreover, it is important to consider that flowers are not an ever lasting product, so the recipient will have to look for the floral arrangement within the term of two days after the note was left.

In the event that our client wishes that the floral arrangement was delivered for a second opportunity to the recipient address, we will be willing to satisfied your desire, but a payment link will be sent due to additional costs in the delivery.

It is also important to keep us informed if any mistake is detected in the recipient address or if the client knows in advanced that the recipient might not be at his/her residence at the requested delivery time. (See item 1 about terms and conditions).
When the customer finishes placing the order through our web site an email will be automatically sent to his/her email account. The client must keep that email as an evidence of his/her purchase, in which all the key information related to his/her order is specified.
It is very important to check there are no mistakes in the entered data. If we are given an incorrect address and the flowers went out to be delivered before the costumer notifies the mistake, automatically he/she is not entitled to claim for the remittance of a new product. In the case the flowers are irrecoverable; it is possible to consider the remittance of another floral arrangement subjected to our evaluation for that specific situation.

If the customer is not sure about the address of the recipient we recommend to get in touch with him/her to check the information and to clear it up in special instructions at the moment of entering the data.

In the case of deliveries at places in which a third person is involved, like: hospitals, funerals, hotels; it has to be accepted the authorized signature of a member of the organization as an evidence that flowers were delivered to the destination requested.
2.2 In hospitals
Deliveries at hospitals sometimes can be troublesome, since patients are transferred from ward to ward frequently or they are in intensive care units, or they have been already released from hospitals. It means that there are times in which we are not able of delivering the order of our costumers in a very special moment. Nevertheless, this can be avoided just guarantying the accurate and up-dated data; that is to say, name of the institution, ward, and patients name.

It is extremely important to know the full name of the recipient, since there can be more than one patients with the same name at the same hospital. This can lead to mistakes that are out of our control at the moment of the deliveries.

Many hospitals dont allow deliverers taking the flowers straight to the wards due to health and security policies. In these cases the flowers will be left at the reception.

Some hospitals do not allow patients to have flowers in the wards; that is why it is convenient to check if the patient you wish to send the flowers is allowed to have them.

If flowers are not accepted in the wards we cannot refund the cost of the floral arrangement. Some hospitals do not accept flowers for patients or members of the staff, which is why it is important to check if the hospital is in the disposition of accepting flowers. If the hospital does not accept the flowers we cannot refund the cost.
2.3 In funerals
It is important to know if the flowers are for a funeral or sympathy, selecting the special occasion or specifying in special instructions at the moment of entering data of the delivery destination. This will enable us to have special care with your order and will help in the procedure to make sure the delivery gets correctly to the specified location.

The cards message that accompany the floral homage for funerals or cremations are hand- written, that is why we are not in conditions of offering a text with a special format. If the flowers are for a funeral, we recommend you to place the order as soon as possible; at least a day before the funeral, to guarantee that not contemplated inconveniences interfere in the delivery of the floral arrangement to the funeral at the indicated time.

If the flowers go to a wake room, it is essential that you indicate the name of the dead person as well as the funeral parlor. If these details are not clear, it might lead to delays on the delivery and cause potential inconveniences at the moment of delivering the order as such. If any of these situations impede the order to be accepted or the delivery cannot be done, we will not be in conditions of refunding the cost of your purchase.
2.4 At hotels
With pleasure we take orders to be delivered at hotels. Nevertheless, when making it, please make yourself sure you have included the following details:

Full name and address of the hotel, hotel phone number, room number, recipients name as booked at the hotel.
Another important detail, is to indicate: if the recipient is a guest or a staff member of the hotel.

If these data are not correct, there might be delays in the delivery and inconveniences at the moment of delivering. If any of these situations impedes the order to be accepted or the delivery to be done as such, we will not be in conditions of refunding the cost of the flowers.
2.5 Non-delivered orders
Frequently we receive orders in which time is a critic factor. If we are not able of delivering your order at the indicated address we will get in touch with you through the phone number provided or e-mail as soon as we know about any difficulty with the delivery. That is why, it is really important that you give your contact data and these data, should be up dated. Another important thing is the recipients phone number. It makes things easier.

In the event we were not able to deliver your order to the address provided in the specified date, we will make an attempt, the same day or the day after.

We will evaluate the refund of the total or partial expenses, associated with the non-delivery. We will not take the responsibility of any other expenses made by the client or recipient due to a non- delivery.

The deliveries, which have not been accomplished, we will do a second attempt the same day. But we cannot guarantee it will be possible; If the order is not delivered the date specified by our client, it will be delivered the next day.

Depending on the case, and being evaluated by us, it would be possible to consider a voucher of discount for future purchases.
We are in conditions of tracking your order through our system. As soon as our local florist confirm it was delivered, an email will be sent to your email account to confirm it.

Not always it is possible to get in touch with the drivers to obtain the same day delivery confirmation: due to health and security considerations, related to driving. As a result: please, be patient.
2.6 Special instructions.
The data entered by the clients on the special instructions are for helping the better functioning and concretion of the delivery. The information detailed will be taken as suggested, that does not mean we will carry out the activity.

The information about a specific schedule of delivery will not be taken into account to the effects of the delivery.

3. Availability and substitution

3.1 Flowers
All floral products are subject to availability. In case of having supply difficulties of the flowers requested to elaborate your order, we reserved the right of substituting any product by other of a similar style of the same value and quality.

If it is necessary we will do everything possible to get in touch with you through your email or phone number. The pictures shown in our web site are of reference. The making up of the floral arrangement is subjected to the availability of flowers of each country, climatic situation and to the interpretation and creation of our local florists.
3.2 Other products.
We offer other products of a great quality and of a great interest for the gift market (vases, drinks, balloons and soft toys). These products are not available for all the countries in which we have local florists associated, for that reason they will only be offered in countries that allow their delivery. For information of any specific product, please, get in touch with our customer support staff in the following telephone numbers: +359 886 856 777 and an operator will assist you.

In case you have bought a product out of stock, we will do everything possible to get in touch with you in order to solve either the elimination of the additional gift or the substitution of that present for a similar we do have in our stock for that country. Or for example as a last choice, we may take the value of the gift adding it to your order in a bigger amount of flowers. If we cannot get in touch with you we reserve our right to take this decision on your behalf (eliminate or substitute) over the base of substitution from our point of view and indicated in our policy in item 3.1.

4. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee/ Damaged flowers and refund
Though we always do our best for these situations not to happen, rarely, flowers can get damaged to the destination placed in your order or they do not reach the destination due to unexpected problem in the delivery. If the recipient receives damaged flowers, please, get in touch with us so we can investigate about the case and solve it with any of the following choices:
-A re-send in the next available date.
-A total or partial refund of your money. (The percentage will depend on the circumstances)
We do not offer the two choices simultaneously.

When the flowers were damaged we will ask for devolution or a picture clearly showing the problem to determine what went wrong and which was the deficiency in our system; then if necessary, we can claim to our associated florists and take corrective actions. It is essential for us to be contacted immediately concerning the situation mentioned. We need to be informed about the incident within three days after it occured in order to be able of solving it successfully.
We leave to our own consideration whether we solve or not a problem once the claims are done after the three days of the delivery. Reserving the right to refuse the choice of refunding the money or re- sending the flowers.

If we consider that there was an abuse of our policy of 100% satisfaction guarantee and damaged flowers, or we receive claims of money refunds persistently of the same client, or same group of individuals, we reserve our right of not resending the flowers and reject future purchases of this client or group of individuals. If we were to take a decision, will let the client know about it. In a written e-mail or by phone call. It is important to emphasize that this guarantee does not mean an automatically refund of 100% of your money, but a fair resolution.
5. Little mistakes in the deliveries.
In rare occasions, little human mistakes may occur (for example the card message gets lost). In this kind of circumstances we will do our best to solve the situation. We will consider to our judgment, to offer a partial refund of the money or a discount for future purchases; but we will not guarantee will always do it. We believe we are fair in making decisions and upon that, we solve these kind of situations. In these cases we will not offer a refund of a 100% of your money, since the recipient has already received a great value and quality in what flowers are concerned.
6. Life and conditions of the flowers.
Our flowers are always fresh and they must last some days in a vase with water, though this may vary depending on the specie. It is important the special care flowers received after the delivery. It would help if they are kept far from the heat, their water is changed (this will make the flowers freshness and endurance longer). If the flowers are not treated properly we will not send them again.

In some occasions, our flowers are so fresh that they are not widely open. This might bring about confusion and resemble a poor arrangement. On the contrary, it indicates how fresh our flowers are.
7. Fraudulent actions.
If we consider that an order may be fraudulent by any reason, we reserve the right of canceling it and refund the money. We do not have the obligation to give assistance to clients who we verified their purchase as fraudulent.
8. Duplicate order
If we consider that two identically orders were done, we will surely eliminate one of them, refunding the money. In this kind of situations we will try to get in touch with our costumers to clear up the situation, but if it is urgent, and we cannot get in touch, we will be in charge of taking actions about it.
9. Offensive actions.
We will not tolerate offensive or abusive actions under any circumstance. Although, we always try to do our best and 99% of the orders placed in our website are accomplished in a satisfactory way, mistakes might happened. Buying in theworldflowers.com does not give our clients the right of treating improperly or threatening our staff. If any of the situations previously mentioned could take place, we will put an end to any kind of dialogue. We will not retake the dialogue unless it is in a polite way and with the level of respect a human being deserves. We reserve the right of dealing with clients who have already had offensive attitudes.
10. Special offers and promotion codes.
To our consideration, sometimes we will offer discount codes or products with promotion prices. These offers are valid for the period they are announced and they cannot be used neither for the previous purchases to the started date indicated, nor after the promotion closing time. A special offer or a discount code cannot be used together or at the same time with another special offer or promotion code.

In the event that a costumer has done a purchase, and the product price decreases or is in discount because of a special offer, the product price at the time of the purchase is the one that prevails. We cannot apply special discount or promotion codes to an already done purchase.

Generally our special offers are due to the availability of products, it is possible to change the promotion terms or to put it aside completely at any time, without previous announcement.
11. Personal information of a costumer and recipient
To ensure an effective and efficient communication with the costumer and with the recipient, it is very important to receive the correct data.

If your name is not stated in the card message it will not be revealed to the recipient, no matter if she/he asks about it.

Please, remember we do care about your privacy and confidential details and we will never offer or sell, your personal data.
12. Technical problems not forced in our web site or system.
It is possible to have bugs in our system from time to time due to not forced circumstances. For example, our provider can loose access to Internet causing our web site to be out of service or if it were a problem with the intern clock of our servers, the order would be accepted by our system when the reception hour will be finished.

These two examples are nothing but that; examples, for which we do not cover all the technical problems that in theory, could happen. We take preventive actions to make our system work correctly, avoiding potential problems. However, in some cases when there is a problem we are going to do our best to solve and provide the service you deserve in time. Nevertheless in some occasions this will not be possible: in an emergency situation, we will get in touch with our costumer to decide what he/she wishes to do, changing the delivery or giving the refund of his/her money.

You cannot make us responsible for any harm or compensation if your order cannot be done due to any of these reasons.

13. Deliveries on weekends and holidays.
We have delivery service on Saturday mornings to the country of the delivery, but not on Sundays or on national holidays.

In some cases we can make special arrangements in such occasions; however we do not guarantee it. Please, get in touch with us for special requests related to weekend and holidays deliveries and we will see if it is possible to do it.

14. Orders for Saint Valentines Day, Mothers day and special dates. During this period in which we are very busy, if you wish to change any detail of your order, please contact us on: + 359 0886856777 or send an e-mail to modaflora@abv.bg. Please take into account that any change in your order (delivery address, card message, etc) must be done two days before the date of the delivery to make sure we have time to make the changes.
The orders made with more anticipation would have priority over those made on the celebration date.

In periods of great demand like: Saint Valentines Day or Mothers Day, it is possible that some orders (specially those addressed to companies, or carried out over the day) are delivered in Saint Valentines Day on the 12 or 13 of February or from the 12 to the 15 of February (if it is not Sunday) and concerning Mothers Day: Fridays or Saturdays prior to the celebration and delivery could take place on Mondays as an exception (Mothers Day celebration date, vary depending on the country so these rules may not apply to some locations).

As to Christmas and end of the year, orders could be processed to be delivered three days before the selected date.
15. Costumers comments, observations and additional information sent by the client.
You accept that any material or idea, which is transmitted to this site, is and will be property of Flora359.

Besides, you accept that is forbidden to publish and to transmit from this or to this site any illegal, threatening, pornographic, slanderous material etc; which might bring about any civil or penal responsibility in virtue of the low. You are responsible for the content of any comment you make.
16. Prices and ways of payment.
All the prices of the web site include nowadays rate with the exception of the remittance expenses and they are correct at the moment of publishing them.

We reserve the right of changing prices in the web or add, eliminate and change the description and specification of any kind of floral arrangement in the web site without previous announcement to our costumers.

In cases where the order is placed to be delivered in very far locations or of difficult access we will get in touch with the costumer to communicate about the need of an extra cost for remittance expenses, which would need to be subscribed for the proper concretion of the delivery.

Ways of payment: Credit cards through PayPal.com (payment processor).
Credit cards are subjected to validation controls and authorization by PayPal.com. If our payment processor denies authorizing a charge; we cannot be responsible for any delay or non- delivery.
The payment would be charge at your account before or at the moment the floral arrangement is delivered.
You guarantee and confirm that the credit card used is yours, and that you have the right to use it to make the purchase.
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