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Alocasia amazonica 55/17

This really is one of the most spectacular houseplants in the world. With bright white veins protruding from a dark background the arrow shaped leaves can reach over a foot in length! Will also flower throughout the year with strange yellow coloured spathes sometimes followed by red berries. Perfect for a bright bathroom. Not the easiest of plants but a must for the plant fanatic. Site: A bright position out of direct sunlight. Temp: Keep warm minimum of 16C / 60F above 70 in summer will promote faster growth. Water: Keep well watered in summer and infrequently in winter. Humidity is the main requirement if you really want a happy Alocasia, mist as much as you can and if possible place the container on a tray of wet pebbles/gravel. Feeding: A liquid feed every 3 weeks or so. Tip: Only water with rain/bottled water. Tap water may kill it!

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